Rental Service
We offer a RENTAL service on a variety of items such as Towels, Robes, Floor mats etc...
Please call us for more INFO!

Laundry Solutions

4 minute Drop Off Laundry Service

“How fast do you want to leave?”
Two minutes to drop off
Two minutes to pick up

Self-Service Laundry Service

“Do your laundry in style and FAST – using our Express Washers”
“Large washers and dryers, bonus dollars and points. Go ahead load up 5 or 10 washers. Finish a week’s worth of laundry in under two hours”

Commercial Laundry Service

“Hotels, restaurants, spas, salons, clubs, schools and organizations please take note of our services and feel free to come in and try our drop off commercial laundry service”
For qualified customers we will do your first laundry free of charge with no obligation. Let us show you what we can do for you.

Rental Service

We offer a rental service on a variety of items, such as towels, robes, floor mats, etc. Call and ask about how we can serve you

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