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go GREEN with the Oaks Laundry Center!

It’s quite an achievement when you are able to obtain a great wash and fast dry while doing your part to conserve valuable natural resources and save energy.

The efficiency and high performance extraction of Continental E-Series™ Washers and fast drying ExpressDry™ Tumblers allow this result to be achieved.

Ten of our doubleload washers, instead of ten toploaders, will save all of us 188,000 gallons of water EACH YEAR. This savings reduces both water costs and water heating costs. And because E-Series Washers reach extract speeds up to an industry leading 354 G-force (over an amazing 900 rpm’s), they remove more water from every load—cutting the natural gas required to dry a load, and your dry time, by up to 50 percent!

Aside from the direct result of your washing and drying in this store, you are also supporting the manufacturer of our washers, Continental Girbau. Since 2001 Continental Girbau has operated an ISO14001-certified environmental management system (EMS) in all of their plants and factories. The International Organization of Standards (ISO) is the source of more than 14,000 international standards for business, government and society.

For Continental Girbau, adherence to ISO standards insures its products are designed and manufactured in an environmentally friendly manner. This isn’t a one-time certification, rather ISO14001 requires an organization to continually improve environmental management and in doing so, continually minimize harmful environmental effects.

At The Oaks Laundry we recycle, use eco-friendly cleaning materials and are proud to offer for your use such environmentally conscious equipment that gives each of us the chance to do our part in conserving our valuable natural resources.

The Oaks Express Laundry Center


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