Home pick-up and delivery now available with our Laundry Butler For You concierge service.
Go to laundrybutlerforyou.com or call 323-900-0067 and we will be picking up at your door and returning the next day.


Self-Service Laundry Service
“Do your laundry in style and FAST – using our Express Washers”

“Large washers and dryers, bonus dollars and points.  Go ahead load up 5 or 10 washers. Finish a week’s worth of laundry in under two hours”

All new laundry, totally new washers and dryers and fully attended

  • Four 8 load Powerload Plus
  • Seven 5 load Powerloads
  • Twelve 3 load Extraloads
  • Sixteen 2 load Doubleloads
  • Thirty-four 30 lb. dryer pockets
  • Eight 45 lb. express dryer pockets
With our Wash2Win program you will receive points for every wash, when you reach 200 points you win $2.00 in added value to your laundry card.

Each time you place $20.00 on your laundry card, receive a bonus of 10% added value of $2.00, same as getting a 10% discount of all your washing.

The Oaks Express Laundry is environmentally on the forefront with Express front load washers, using less water, electricity and the fastest extraction spin available, over 300g’s for the quickest drying time
Checks and credit cards accepted 
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